Environmental stewardship is at the heart of every decision we make at Aderyn Studio. From our material sourcing to our in-house finishing, we are committed to using the most sustainable solutions available to us. 

The most sustainable furniture pieces are those that are kept for a lifetime and handed down. Our goal is to make forever pieces; heirloom furniture that is passed from generation to generation. 

While we use a variety of construction methods in our furniture pieces, our specialty is solid wood furniture.

Sustainability benefits of solid wood furniture: 

  • Locally available and sourced materials 
  • Opportunity to use urban hardwoods that would otherwise be waste
  • Requires fewer glues and binders, which can contaminate soil and groundwater and compromise indoor air quality
  • Allows for use of natural, non-chemical finishes 
  • Lower embodied energy,which is  the sum of the total energy used to create a product 
  • Carbon remains captured: As a tree grows, it absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This is stored in every part of the tree, from the roots to the leaves. When a tree decomposes in a landfill and/or is burned, this carbon is released back into the atmosphere. By turning the tree into a piece of furniture that carbon can remain captured for generations. 

Other sustainability practices:

  • Solar-Powered Kiln: Utilizing modern wood drying methods in a kiln powered by solar energy allows us to dry our wood without producing additional carbon emissions
  • We prefer to use natural finishes that do not pollute the environment or compromise human health. Zero to low-VOC and applied by hand, these finishes are durable while enhancing the beauty of the wood.
    • Shou Sugi Ban is one of our favorite wood finishing techniques, and one that also preserves wood naturally. Once treated, Shou Sugi Ban is impervious to bugs and mold and will last for generations.
    • We compost our waste and offer sawdust to local community gardeners. We are always looking for the best way to handle the little bit of waste we do produce. 
    • Our goal is to keep all of the carbon contained within the tree captured and are continually exploring new technology to accomplish this goal.
  • As of 2025, our shop will be solar-powered

    We appreciate your interest in our sustainability practices.. Please do not hesitate to ask for further details.